Our Integrity Make Your Bed-Room Creativity False Ceiling

The living room is the heart of your home. Gone are the days when the ceiling of your living room was just a plain, mundane roof. Today, the false ceiling is an important element of design with numerous patterns, textures and visions to choose from. Amongst all the trends, false ceilings steal the show and are the go-to design element to add a exciting effect to the living space.

Well, if you are in line for designing or renovating your living room, we have you covered. Here are some tips and ideas to help you design a beautiful false ceiling for your living space.

White and White
The elegant shades of white are hard to go wrong with. If you have a compact living space, a white false ceiling, paired with white walls is a timeless pick. The white walls and the hidden lighting in the ceiling give the illusion of a bigger space. Put up some colourful artwork, add in some bright cushions, indoor plants, and other pieces of decor to infuse a cheerful vibe to space.

white false ceiling
Colourful False Ceiling
If an all-white living room bores you, pick a subtle shade of your favourite colour for your living space. Use your favourite colour on one of the walls of the living room and use a lighter shade of the wall colour for the false ceiling. One of the adjacent walls can be painted in white and the other can be a textured wall. The hidden lighting in the false ceiling lends an elegant vibe to the living space.

coloured false ceiling
Reverse False Ceiling
If you are someone who wants to go white but does not like an all-white living space, this one is for you. Pick a shade of your favourite colour to paint the main wall of the living space. Choose a white shade for the false ceiling and the remaining walls of the room. This middle path adds just the right amount of colour and brightness to the room. The shown and hidden lightings in the false ceiling distribute light and improve the overall energy efficiency.

contrast false ceiling

Complex Dual Tones
It is hard to undermine the beauty and elegance of a living room as this. You can paint the four walls of the living room in a light shade of beige, paired with a white false ceiling. Refresh the look by adding colourful elements of decor like rugs, artwork, indoor plants and curtains. You can never go wrong with a timeless combination as this.

false ceiling ideas

False Ceiling as Space Dividers
For a living room enlarging to a larger area like this, we designed two false ceilings for the living space. One false ceiling overlooks the lounge area and the other is set above the dining area. The exposed and hidden lightings paired together, diffuse and distribute light, improving the energy efficiency overall. It is often believed that a ceiling fan comes in the way of a beautiful false ceiling. But, this room will prove it wrong.

false ceiling as space dividers

Wooden False Ceiling
A wooden ceiling with a white false ceiling can add all the elegance to your living space. Pairing the ceiling with white walls or a textured wall adds a beautiful accent to the living space. The contemporary false ceiling complements the dark furniture and the white windowpanes well.wooden false ceiling

3-D False Ceiling
These 3-D false ceilings are a beautiful addition to the living space. They add a stunning expanse to the room and give the illusion of a larger space. They are well paired with lightings in the centre of each section, adding a charming effect throughout the space.

3-D false ceiling for living room
Smart Ceilings
These colourful false ceilings are stealing the show these days. They are available in multiple designs, with a range of coloured lighting to choose from. Set right in the middle of the living space, they diffuse a colourful light all around the space and add an exciting vibe to space around. What’s more, the colours of the lights can be remotely controlled to suit the mood of the room.

smart ceilings for living room
Been reflecting over the false ceiling design you should choose for your living room? Well, we are here to help! Reach out to our design experts at Nearme Interiors. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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