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Near Me Interiors is a team of young enthusiastic individuals keen to provide the congregation of expertise, experience,knowledge, creativity and professionalism to our projects.

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“Great design addresses a problem that is asked, provides a solution, and resolves a problem.”


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

For each project we establish relation ships with ano partners we know will help us create added value for your project well any bringing together the public and private sectors.


Transforming design concepts into reality. For each project, we establish relationships with any partners we know will help us create added value for your project well any bringing together the public and private sectors.

Art of interior designing is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

For each project we establish relation ships with ano partners we know will help us create added value for your project well any bringing together the public and private sectors.

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Near Me Interiors is an Architectural and Interior Design Company located in Kolkata. An interior designer from Kolkata you can employ If you’re in search of the most top-of-the-line Interior Decoration Services in Kolkata.

Aashish Sharma

Co-Director, Architect

Barister Sharma

Director, Interior Decorator

Manish Sharma

Project Head- Mumbai

Mankesh Sharma

Project Head- Kolkata

Abdullah Ali

Marketing Head

Vishal Kumar

Design Head - Mumbai

Vishal Shaw

Project Head- Kolkata

MD Mojahid

Project Head- Kolkata

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About Us


Near Me Interiors is an architectural and interior design firm located in Kolkata. A designer for interiors from Kolkata is available to hire If you’re in search of the most professional interior design in Kolkata. Our teams are experts in furniture, false ceilings, flooring, painting, and polishing electrical and plumbing are skilled and have at least four many years experience. The entire process is smooth and our staff one of the most skilled interior decorators is the best in Kolkata. There is the option of using our design service in which we design layouts and 3D designs, and then you have the execution. It is also possible to have the execution completed in a complete agreement for project management which allows us to complete the whole project. The third, and most popular option is to have we design and design the entire site and then execute it. This takes away all the pressure that comes with just the materials supplied by the site. As the top interior design firm in Kolkata We provide design and interior services for offices, homes showrooms, restaurants, and cafes as well as gyms, hotels, and salons. Our architects and interior designers design your dream home, whether it’s an apartment or bungalow. They not only make the most of space in the living area, kitchen eating area bedrooms, bathrooms gardens and terraces and terrace gardens, but they also give you the best lighting, color combinations furniture and accessories that are in accordance with vaastu, as well as the most recent fashions. We also offer modern designs for showrooms and offices that provide a highly productive working environment. The interior designers at our firm have created outstanding atmospheres for restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

Home Interior Design

It is our belief that your home’s decor ought to be an extension of you, and that is why we offer interior designers for your homes who are able to understand your requirements and can design spaces that meet your requirements. At Near Me Interiors, we concentrate on creating the ideal design and layout that are followed by sophisticated 3D models to help you design your interiors. Then, we assign our expert teams to implement the plans within the timeframe. We find the ideal harmony between your bedroom’s design and your living space and dining area as well as bathrooms. We know that you will spend long hours in your kitchen and therefore we offer the best solution that will allow you to have modular kitchens and customized kitchens.

If you’re looking for the right interior decorator for your homes located in Kolkata We distinguish ourselves by our experienced team of interior designers for homes in Kolkata who visit your property make measurements, and then draft plans while keeping in mind the building’s guidelines as well as your specifications. Near Me Interiors provides both turnkey as well as consulting interior design services for homes located in Kolkata as well as consultancy services, which we are known for. We guarantee the flat-based design team located in Kolkata is focused on making the most use of the of space and also incorporating as much space as they can.

Office Interior Design

In this regard, we can provide the most skilled design team in Kolkata in your office. After working on a number of projects and projects, our group comprised of Interior designers in the offices can create a workspace that keeps you productive and doesn’t cost you a penny. Modern workplace interior design working in Kolkata with our team concentrates on essential elements of your cabins, workstations, waiting rooms, and conference rooms that are in line with the design language that we can customize for the space you have. Lighting is planned to guarantee the highest quality of illumination in all areas. We Interior decorators for offices have worked with some of the biggest corporates, providing a wealth of experience in commercial projects.

Restaurant Interior Design

We have the ideal restaurant interior design team who have worked on some of the most well-known projects within the city. Within the ranks of interior designers for restaurants who are based in Kolkata, Near Me Interiors has been involved in the design and design, keeping consideration of the restaurant’s theme cuisine and location, as well as the target market. The main area as well as the kitchen and other areas, provide you with an entire design solution.

Hotel Interior Design

We have a team comprised of Hotel interior designers from Kolkata who have been working on a variety of categories of projects. Each one of them was created taking into consideration the intended client and the financial budgets of our clients. We are a well-known interior design firm in Kolkata to design and build several of the most prestigious hotels. Each design team in a hotel is required to consider the area and the purpose that the property is designed. Corporate hotels require specialized services, which differ from hotels that cater to tourists. Each of our projects is designed with the help of a thorough analysis of the proposed project.

Showroom Interior Design

Visual Merchandising is the main field of our expert team of interior designers for shops. We make sure that your products are displayed in the most effective way to get the most sales. Retail Interior designers on our team have worked on jewelry clothes, automotive, FMCG, electronics, and other showrooms.


Our architects in Kolkata have a deep understanding as well as international expertise. We have successfully completed some of the most significant projects for architecture within the area. Our services include full design concept, design concept, and site development and design of the structural structure, mechanical, plumbing, electrical (MEP) landscaping as well as master planning. This makes us among the top architectural firms located in Kolkata.