What makes Near Me Interiors the best-in-class Commercial Interior?

Since 2015, we’ve been focusing on design for commercial use that has changed the way people work.

Our team includes architects, interior designers engineers Retail planners and sustainability experts, construction professionals with various backgrounds and talents to offer seamless work-related design and delivery solutions.

As a top Designer of Interiors, as a Top Designer firm, we’re creative projects improve the way individuals interact with their workspace to accomplish business, human spaces, brand goals.

During these times of caution, Near Me Interiors assures you of zero contact, safe & seamless Interior Design experience.


Our Services

Quality, cost-control, and efficiency require an integrated procurement approach

Architecture & 3D Design

The architecture is designed to help support the goals of your business. The design of the workplace interior is more than aesthetics.

Project Management

Converting design concepts into reality through integrated construction management.Even the most basic of concepts require a robust construction management system in place to make them come to life.


We make sure that the best results for our customers are delivered correctly and in time. Through direct contact with every company and trader to ensure the quality, cost and timeliness of deliveries, orders and installations.

Interior Design

Our interior designers go beyond creating beautiful office spaces. They are specialists in business planning and are masterminds of ingenuity. They combine and coordinate information, and engineer and create new products and services.

We guarantee that the best results for our customers are executed correctly and delivered on time. Through direct contact with each supplier and trade to ensure the price, quality as well as the timeliness for all deliveries, orders or installations. take into the preferences of our clients and local construction industry trends to determine the most efficient delivery process for each project.

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How it Works

We get things rolling by setting up a meeting with our Customer Experience Specialist (CES). You can opt for an online video consultation or a face-to-face meeting. If you do choose to meet in person, please note that it will be contingent on the on-ground situation and in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 directives. At this stage, the CES gets a thorough understanding of your interior design needs, tastes and preferences. He also explains our process in detail, from conceptualising and designing to executing the Office design.

In the 2nd meeting, our expert interior designer will show you possible designs based on your requirements, preferences and latest trends. Once we have your preferences identified, we move on to 3D visualisation using our state-of-the-art 3D visualiser. The 3D visualiser will help you accurately understand the home design and make changes to it before the actual work begins.

At this stage, we will share the 2D design along with the 3D visualiser output with you. We are happy to make changes till we have a design that matches your taste and liking. Once the design is finalized, our CES will share the quotation with you.

Payment milestone 1: The payment at this stage is the site booking charge and is equal to 15% of the quotation value shared.

Once the site is booked, the CES starts work, beginning with the selection of materials, including fabrics, lightings and other décor elements. Our project manager chalks out a comprehensive schedule to ensure that the work is completed on time and to your specifications. At this stage, the CES also shares the relevant documents for final approval — all 2D working drawings, finalized 3D designs, the quotation, the timeline, work schedule and material list. Before we start with material procurement and site construction, your second payment milestone is due.

This is where you relax, and we do all the heavy lifting. The CES ensures the professional execution of your project. We keep you informed with regular updates about the progress being made. The third payment milestone is due at this stage before the final installation and completion of work on-site.

Payment Milestone 3: Balance amount due.

Once completed, the CES takes you on a walk-through of your house, explaining the details of the interior design. He hands over all the necessary documents to you at this stage. He also updates you on the measures to take care of the space and leaves you with the assurance of any timely support you might need in the future. And with that, you get to enjoy and experience your newly designed Workplace!

Design Inspiration

We have successfully achieved expertise in Corporate interiors and custom solutions. We prefer a balance between aesthetics…
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Elegance meets efficiency in commercial spaces

Great looks combined with flawless function to make work spaces stylish—we make it our business to elevate the aesthetic of commercial spaces

Near Me Interiors is one of the top interior designers and designers for commercial and residential properties in Kolkata with its headquarters in Mukundpur with a focus on expanding and offering end-to-end all-in-one interior design solutions for Kolkata. Newtown, Garia, Saltlake, Rajarhat, Park Circus, New Alipur. We also work on interior design work across South Kolkata and Central Kolkata, South 24 Parganas, and Howrah Region. We are the Top 3 Interior Designers in Kolkata. Certified by ThreeBestrated.com In 2020.

Commercial spaces are the places that are zoned for business activities and are often the destinations for fulfilling people’s necessities. This includes shopping centers, malls, hotels and lounges, retail stores, restaurants and bars, banks, hospitals, hotels, movie theatres, cafes and coffee shops, spas and salons, and everything in between. A good and well-designed commercial interior can captivate the customer’s attention and persuade them to enter the space, adding value to the business and bringing financial gain.

We would like to invite you to come to visit the showroom at Near Me Interiors in Kolkata. You can view our products and finishes. After that, you submit the floor plan to us and we provide an estimate. If you are satisfied with the estimate, we will charge you 10 percent of the estimate and then the design process begins. We will design you a 2D plan, and 2D elevation. Once you have approved we send your final rendering in 3D. The design process can take about 30 days.

A well-designed space for a commercial location is a challenge. We have the most skilled interior designers for your office or cafe, we will offer you the most effective office interior design located in Kolkata.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider an office that is modular and we’re the right people to carry out this job:

Modular office furniture is extremely adaptable for use in all kinds of situations. This furniture can come in handy when you have to adapt to the ever-changing work environment. Every workspace has its needs and requirements, making it difficult to select the ideal furniture for your office. With decades of expertise in this field, our interior designers are able to pick the right modular furniture for your workplace.
Modular furniture can be found in a variety of options. Furniture such as comfortable lounge chairs along with the table in the middle is an ideal illustration for modular furniture. We are able to provide you with top-quality products. We also offer many possibilities for design in terms of shape, size, and color.
Modular offices maximize the use of your space for work. One of the advantages is that you can place it in a different space when not in use. Interior designers from our company can perform amazing work to ensure that you make all of your workspace.
Privacy is an essential aspect when working in an office. Apart from doing a variety of things, a modular office will ensure the privacy of employees. We can help you achieve this, without having to build walls that are permanent, which will save you money.
Quality modular furniture is not just useful to maximize space but adds an enormous amount of aesthetic value to the office. We will evaluate your workspace carefully and then put the top furniture for your office space.
In addition to having many advantages, it’s green because the materials can be reused. We strive to complete the work in a way that isn’t detrimental to the environment. Today, conserving tiny greenery and lessening pollution are both advantageous.

Before we get into the top interior design assistance in your area, let’s take an overview of the most frequently asked questions that are sure to assist in making the best choice regarding your interior design venture.

How Much Do Interior Designers Charge?
In general, interior designers can cost anywhere from 5000 to 20000 dollars per hour. The size of the house and location, as along with the duration of the work will affect the final cost. There are many options available, and new ones like online interior design can be affordable price and can help you save 5000. online interior design services. These can range from 5000-2000 per space, and typically are cost-effective.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?
It is essential to know the terms you’re signing for. In simple terms, the term “interior designer” means that they combine aesthetics with practicality. They select furniture decorations, lighting, decor, and other accessories to will make your home appear stunning and arrange the items in a way that allows you to live your life.

What Questions Can Help Me Find a Good Interior Designer?
The search for the ideal Interior designer to complete your needs doesn’t have to be as hard as it might seem. Naturally, you’ll want to be aware of the essentials: cost including services, as well as the deliverables. Also asking for portfolios of designs and testimonials from clients can assist you in finding an interior designer whose style aligns with your home and style. In addition, you should ensure that there is an understanding of what to do when you don’t love the design initially. Revisions are a crucial step when it comes to interior design.

Are you unsure of how to locate the top interior designer around you? Book your free Interior Design Consultation with a professional for guidance in choosing the most suitable interior designer!

Finding local interior designers does not need to be a difficult process. To make it easier for you to start We’ve compiled an inventory of the tools you can utilize to find the ideal designer for your needs.


The restaurant’s interiors are beautiful and practical. plans do not have to be expensive.

Professional interior designers for restaurants in Kolkata, India, for decoration, renovation, or modification services. Free 2D 3D Design. Budget friendly. Reviews of top customers, Online professional booking. Instant online quotes. Verified Designs. 24/7 customer support.


We take care of all the requirements for your restaurant’s interior decoration Kolkata.

1000 sqft restaurant interior cost in Kolkata Semi-Restaurant Decoration Budget: Rs 2.5% to 4.5. Low-budget Complete Restaurant Decoration between 5 and 7 lakh. High-end Restaurant Decoration Budget of between 7 and 10 lakhs. The most luxurious restaurant decoration budget: Rs 10-15 lakh.


FREE 2D 3D Designing | Stylish, Budget Friendly Restaurant Interior Ideas.

Create your restaurant interior design. the best design studio in Kolkata for remodeling, renovation, and decoration services. Professional Designers. Expert Manufacturing Teams. Online Payment Benefits. Day Night Work Services. Verified All Interior Materials.


The interior design of top restaurants is not just about cost, you must also know the interior decor.

We use our restaurant decors of standard quality or in accordance with the request of the customer. Waterproof Termite Plywood. Both Side Laminated All Furniture Cabinets. Stainless Steel Hardware. Asian Paints. Philips Lights. As Per Customer Requirement Materials.


Are you looking to see your restaurant design budget-friendly interior decorations in Kolkata? If so, Kolkata Interior is the best option. Our interior designers can provide the design of restaurant interiors and complete decor services in Kolkata with a low budget based on the layout of the establishment.


End-to-end Restaurant interior design solutions in Kolkata. Kolkata Interiors low-budget complete restaurant interior design Restaurant bar counter and reception area design. The best solution to any problem with your restaurant’s interior decor can be found in Kolkata Interior.


Have you heard that there’s a free designer and interior design for restaurants is are available in Kolkata Interior? Find the best restaurant interior designer to redesign, modify of restaurant design and complete decor in Kolkata. We provide our professional restaurant designer as well as complete decoration in Kolkata.