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A leading AC Dealer In Kolkata, Expert Aircon specializes in providing end-to-end heating ventilation as well as air conditioning (HVAC) solutions for various commercial industrial, educational, and institutional projects. As a highly-rated Channel Partner throughout the West region for Blue Star, Hitachi, Daikin and Voltas, India’s top HVAC company Expert Aircon has successfully planned developed, designed, and installed central and integrated air conditioning systems for leisure parks, corporate offices, commercial establishments hotels, educational institutions, hotels as well as other commercial structures within and surrounding Kolkata, Mumbai, Siliguri, Bihar, and Pune.


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Quality, cost-control, and efficiency require an integrated procurement approach


The most technologically advanced and energy efficient air conditioning solutions for small spaces.


Sleek and elegant air coolers packed with smart features to provide efficient cooling.


Every third commercial building in India has a Blue Star product installed inside. This is the immense scale and reach of India's leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company.

Interior Design

Our interior designers go beyond creating beautiful office spaces. They are specialists in business planning and are masterminds of ingenuity. They combine and coordinate information, and engineer and create new products and services.

Every third commercial building in India has a Blue Star product installed inside. This is the immense scale and reach of India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company. Thanks to a progressive integrated business model that combines the efficiencies of a manufacturer, contractor and after-sales service provider, Blue Star is able to offer an end-to-end solution to its customers, which has proven to be a significant differentiator in the market place. 

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Air Conditioning Designing and Contracting Services

Top Rated Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions Providers in Kolkata

Expertly managed by certified HVAC engineers and cooling specialists Expertly managed by qualified HVAC engineers and cooling specialists Kolkata, Expert Aircon specializes in working in partnership with commercial and residential property owners to offer all-encompassing air conditioning solutions, from design and installation to post-installation maintenance in Kolkata. In the top rated commercial air conditioning service providers throughout Mumbai as well Pune, Kolkata, Siliguri, Assam, Bihar, and All Over India our turnkey strategy involves fully understanding the HVAC needs of our clients’ facilities, drawing out specific conceptual designs and alternative options that are compared to the environmental requirements, and then installing systems.

As one of the No.1 distributor for the East region We are trusted Central air conditioner dealers who provide a variety of products, such as centrifugal chillers, screw chillers, scroll chillers Double skin units for air handling and fan coil units. packed ACs, long distance pipes packaged ACs hipper packaged ACs as well as VRF systems.

  • Highly skilled HVAC engineers and experts in cooling are equipped to provide all-encompassing air conditioning solutions
  • One of the highest-rated commercial air conditioning services suppliers across Kolkata, Mumbai & Siliguri providing installation and concept services as well as post-installation maintenance
  • We are Blues Star’s No. number one partner for channel services across the West region. We offer a wide range of products, including chillers with scrolls and centrifugal chillers, as well as screw chillers and fan coil units, and so on.

VRF System in Kolkata, West Bengal

One of the most highly rated VRF air conditioning services suppliers across Kolkata, Mumbai & Siliguri providing installation and concept services as well as post-installation maintenanceThe larger AC systems are generally called VRV or VRF depending upon the model of the manufacturer.If you’re thinking of the installation of an air conditioner that has more than 5 or 4 indoor units or needs heating recovery (see the section below) then VRV or VRF systems are usually the best solutions.The two systems come with heating and cooling functions, however, certain models are able to recover either cooling or heating from one location and then use it in a different one. For instance, in the winter months in a glass structure that has one side facing south and the other facing north those facing the sun could be too hot and those who are in shade maybe are too cold. Utilizing a heat recovery system that absorbs heat from the south-facing area can be used to warm the north-facing side, and the opposite happens during cooling in the summer. It is an economical and green method since the energy used for cooling or heating which would otherwise be wasted can be repurposed to an area where expensive heating or cooling would have otherwise been required.

DUCTED SYSTEMS in Kolkata, West Bengal




  • High energy efficiency
  • Precise temperature control with Step-less capacity modulation
  • Reliable design with refrigerant cooled PCBs with protective coating
  • Anti-corrosion coating for indoor and out door units coils
  • Long refrigerant piping for better building aesthetics
  • High ambient temperature operation up to 52°C
  • Wide voltage range operation
  • Touch screen controller
  • AHU Compatibility
  • BMS compatibility and Central Control options

Get the Best Quality Ducting System Manufacturers, Ducting System Manufacturers in Kolkata, and Ducting System Suppliers. Evaporative coolers provide efficient cooling by combining the simple process that is based on water evaporation and an air-moving system that is simple and reliable. Fresh air from outside is pushed through damp pads, and then chilled by evaporation, and then is circulated throughout a home or the building using the blower.

How much does ducted AC cost in India?

The cost of Duct AC products is between Rs70,000 and 85,000 per piece between Jan. 22 and Dec 22. These are indicative prices that are based on the most popular prices for products.

How long can the ducted AC last? 20 years

Based on the model of unit as well as its maintenance and use your ducted air conditioner will last for up to twenty years. Once that is over, the components are more prone to ageing, damage and wear, decreasing the reliability of your unit.

Is ducted AC good?

You’d like to have better airflow.

Air conditioning systems that are ductless can also provide more circulated air. Since ductless air conditioners are able to cool every space in a separate way, they provide less air circulation through the space, which can cause stagnant air or problems with air pressure.

Top Ac Service And Repair services in Kolkata, West Bengal

What is the price of ac installation?
In the average, AC installation will cost Rs999.0. The cost of installation is dependent on your preferences and requirements. At the lower end the average price for professionals is the range of Rs599.0 and Rs649.0 and more expensive prices be as low as Rs1499.0 and Rs1999.0.

All About AC Installation

As the temperature has steadily been rising over the years air conditioners have become essential in our lives. It’s almost impossible to imagine life without one. But, among the most difficult issues for many is getting a reliable and professional service to install the AC units. Although many stores offer installation services when you purchasing of the AC however, these services may not be offered in the event of relocating to a new residence. Many homeowners struggle to locate a seasoned AC installation specialist when they are moving.

At Near Me AC Services We understand the importance of having a properly installed air conditioning system that is properly installed. We offer highly-trained and knowledgeable professionals for all your AC installation requirements. Our technicians can handle every aspect of installation starting from locating indoor units, and running pipes through walls to the installation of outdoors condenser systems. Our technicians are committed to making sure that your AC is operating at its highest level to provide the best performance.

Near Me AC Services AC Installation and Service products comprise:

1. AC Installation: Pick our service to get your AC unit installed in your home by skilled technicians. Technicians will ensure the efficient operation of your AC unit by thoroughly examining the performance and pressure of the gas following installation to make sure that it functions properly and efficiently.

2. AC Uninstallation: Choose this option for assistance in the removal of an AC unit. Our technician will conduct a thorough examination of the appliance to ensure a safe and efficient removal.

3. The Wet Services: This one will complete the cleaning of your AC unit, to ensure it operates at its highest level. Our technician will thoroughly cleanse and clean the unit’s condenser coils, cooling coils, the outer panel, drain pipes, and filters. Please note using high-pressure jet pumps isn’t included in this service. Consider this option to ensure an efficient and thorough clean-up of your AC.

4. AC Service: Pick our service if you need professional diagnosis and repair of your AC unit. On arrival, the technician will examine the AC and offer an estimate of the repair dependent on the state and condition of your appliance.

The advantages of selecting to go with HomeTriangle to handle AC Installation and Service?

1. Professionally trained technicians: HomeTriangle is thorough in screening all the AC technicians to confirm their skills and competence.

2. Warranty on Service: HomeTriangle is fully responsible for the services we provide. Therefore we offer a 30 day service assurance.

3. Easy Online Payment: Simply pay for your service upon your service is completed through our portal online. Then you will be sent a link by SMS or WhatsApp message, which will take you to our online payment page.

Let our skilled technicians take care of your AC installation requirements in Kolkata. We provide affordable AC installation in Kolkata. Our service partners are dedicated to excellence and offer AC installation for top brands, including:

  • Voltas AC
  • Samsung AC
  • Blue star AC
  • Daikin AC
  • LG AC
  • Whirlpool AC
  • Videocon AC
  • Toshiba AC
  • Bluestar AC
  • Hitachi AC
  • O general AC
  • Onida AC
  • Godrej AC

We provide 24/7 availability and the convenience of calling as well as an online reservations for clients. We take pride in providing quick, professional, as well as sincere AC installation, removal, repairs, and installation services to all sorts of ACs, such as windows, split units, and cassette units from the top brands. Our strength is in our promptness and cost-effectiveness, as well as our highly trained and certified experts, and our amazing discounts. Don’t let a damaged AC make your summer miserable. Find your AC repaired or fixed now by contacting us for a service. Trust Near Me AC Services to provide you with the top AC repair and maintenance.

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If the outside temperatures begin to climb, it can be uncomfortable within a short time. A dip in the pool or relaxing in shade can help you get away from the scorching heat, however you’ll likely require an air conditioner in the indoors to stay cool in the hot weather.

There are a variety of air conditioners that you can pick from, including stand-alone units such as portable air conditioners, or Evaporative air conditioners. They also have split systems, like central air conditioners as well as mini-split air conditioners that are ductless that have components within and outside of the home.

Central Air Conditioner Dealers In Kolkata
A single of the more well-known kinds of ACs is the central one. It’s designed to cool the entire residence by pushing cold air into the ducts that surround the house and out via vents. It is similar to how a furnace moves warm air into ducts, and out through vents to warm the house during colder seasons.

Central AC units are usually controlled by thermostats and may even come with smart functions which allow users to control the temperature, control the cooling cycle, or switch it off or on. On average,

Cools the entire home with the existing system of ducts
A relatively quiet operation in the indoor environment
It is possible to control the thermostat via the thermostat in the home.
The initial purchase and installation cost
The components outside are usually very loud and unattractive
Window Air Conditioner
Dealers In Kolkata
If the price of central air conditioners isn’t enough to convince you windows air conditioners can be tiny devices made to fit inside a window and have the front inside and the back outside. This lets the air conditioner let out heat and condensation outside with a built-in fan to bring cool air into the interior of the home.

Window air conditioners are available in various sizes and can even be controlled with remote control or wireless devices when they are equipped with intelligent system capabilities. This kind model of AC is perfect for apartments or condos which doesn’t include central cooling in the entire building. Be mindful that units may escape from windows if not set up correctly, creating danger for anyone who are walking under the unit.

The cost of the initial purchase is low.
Installation is fairly simple
Floor space is saved
Blocks the view when the unit is in place
A loud operation could pose a risk to the safety of others
Smart Air Conditioner
Dealers In Kolkata
A brand new feature being used in many air conditioners is”smart home” or “smart system compatibility which lets the user monitor and adjust the air conditioner’s settings from a distance. By simply opening the appropriate app on a tablet or phone and you can switch the air conditioning to off, or switch it off change the temperature, set cooling schedules as well as other.

Smart features are now accessible in almost every kind of air conditioner. This includes budget-friendly portable and window air conditioners as well with more expensive central ACs. The wide range of options makes it possible for the cost of an air conditioner with smart features can be quite a bit different, ranging from $200 to $8,000, based on the model.

Many options to choose from that work with smart system compatibility
The features improve user comfort and ease of use
Can help improve energy efficiency
Wireless connectivity is required to function properly
Certain air conditioners that are smart come with a price.
Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner
Dealers In Kolkata
The majority of homes do not have a large duct system that is able to circulate cold air around the home. Certain homes are equipped with additional rooms or guest rooms built following the installation of the cooling and heating system was put in place. There may be spaces in your home that are not utilized. If one of these scenarios sounds familiar the ductless mini-split air conditioner is the ideal solution to cool your home without having to install new air ducts.

A mini-split air conditioner that is ductless comprises an outside condenser unit, as well as an air conditioner that is normally installed on the wall of the home. Both components are connected to a huge conduit that houses the refrigerant lines as well as an electrical line, as well as the drain line which flushes the accumulated moisture outside. But, prior to making a decision on this type of system, it’s essential to keep in mind that an average mini-split installation can cost between $2000 and $14,500.

Individually controlled units
Reduces the needless energy cost
Floor space is saved
Not designed to cool large spaces or whole houses
The cost of installation is very high.
Portable Air Conditioner
Dealers In Kolkata
The majority of people who have resided in an apartment rental or in a condominium know that it can be challenging to keep the ideal temperature and humidity indoors, particularly when the property does not have a central cooling system. Window air conditioners are an excellent option, but based on the management of your building it could be necessary to have it professionally installed. This could raise the cost.

Portable air conditioners are an excellent alternative. They’re relatively affordable and don’t pose the same dangers as a window air conditioner. Set up an air conditioner portable in the right spot near a window, with an electrical outlet. The unit has an exhaust hose that runs through the device to a window to let warmth to the outside and the fan inside is able to blow cool air into the space.

A cost-effective alternative
Ideal for condos, apartments as well as small homes.
Easy to set up
Makes area in the living space
Very noisy during the operation

Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner
Dealers In Kolkata
Like a mini split air conditioner, through-the-wall conditioners are made to cool smaller rooms or isolated portions of your house without the use of ducts. The major distinction is that through-the-wall conditioners are directly connected to the outside unit, instead of connecting via refrigerant and electrical lines.

They are also referred to by the name floor-mounted air conditioners however this is usually incorrect since they are mounted on the walls of the house. The reason behind this phrase is that they are typically situated on the lower part of the wall, close to the floor. Through-the-wall units aren’t as popular as other types of air conditioners since you must create a hole in your wall to the size of the unit rather than simply connecting a conduit to the outside. Due to their unique model, you are likely to pay less for a through-the-wall air conditioner than for a mini-split unit.

The low mounting location makes it easier to access
A relatively quiet operation in the indoor environment
Wall-mounted design saves space.
Large holes in the wall are necessary for the installation
Obstacles like furniture can block airflow
Geothermal Air Conditioner
Dealers In Kolkata
Geothermal cooling is an alternative to a central air cooling system. The innovative system circulates cool air through your home’s existing ducts, pushing cool air to escape through vents, thereby reducing the temperature of the whole house. It can also supply heating to your home in winter months, and usually will cost less energy than a conventional central air conditioning or furnace system.

Geothermal systems function by circulating water through the ground. In winter, the cold water from the house soaks up heat in the earth deep underground, to around 10 feet. The heat is then transferred back into the house in the form of a heat pump that uses compressors to raise the temperature before sending heated air to the house. In summer water transports heat away from the home and then releases it into the earth which allows the soil to function as a heat sink.

Cools your entire home using the existing system of ducts
High efficiency helps keep the cooling costs to a minimum.
More durable than other cooling systems. Lasts longer than other cooling
Installation and purchase cost
Not recommended for apartments, condos, or houses with a small yard space

Evaporative Air Conditioner
Dealers In Kolkata
Another alternative that has been used for many years is the evaporative air conditioner that is often known as the swamp air conditioner. They range in cost from as low as portable, small units to a lot more for complete home systems of evaporative air conditioners. Contrary to standard air conditioners which use refrigerant to cool air Evaporative air conditioners depend on ice or water for cooling the air.

The systems blast warm air over buckets of ice, or through dampened water pads. The temperatures of the ice or water reduces the temperature of the air as it is introduced into homes. The main disadvantage of these units is that they can only work effectively when they are filled with chilled water and ice so portable units have to be monitored regularly and replenished. In addition, evaporative air conditioners can increase humidity in the house therefore, if humidity is an issue that is ongoing These devices aren’t the ideal choice.

Available as both portable and whole-home units. Available as portable or whole-home
Do not rely on toxic chemicals, such as freon, to cool you down.
Improves the humidity and helps ameliorate dry, dry conditions.
The cooling power of the unit is not as high as conventional air conditioners.
The increase in humidity could cause problems for certain
Water and ice need to be checked regularly and filled
How to Choose an Air Conditioner
Dealers In Kolkata
Knowing more about the various air conditioner models is just the beginning of the purchasing process. You should also take into consideration the energy efficiency score of the unit to determine whether the product will be economical in the long run or if you’ll have to pay more in electricity costs to maintain the demands of the appliance’s energy consumption.

Manufacturers of air conditioners provide their customers with efficiency ratings (EER) that allow you to select a product that is best suited to their requirements. While air conditioners with lower efficiency typically have lower initial cost but this rating may cause a significant rise in your monthly utility bill.