What makes Near Me Interiors the best-in-class Office Interior designers?

Since 2015, we’ve been focusing on workplace design that has transformed how people work.

Our team comprises architects, interior designers engineers workplace strategists, construction experts, sustainability specialists with different backgrounds and expertise to offer seamless workplace design and delivery solutions.

As a leading interior Designer firm, we’re creative designs enhance the way that individuals interact with their workplace to meet business, people space, brand, and space goals.

During these times of caution, Near Me Interiors assures you of zero contact, safe & seamless Interior Design experience.


Our Services

Quality, cost-control, and efficiency require an integrated procurement approach

Architecture & 3D Design

Architecture should be designed to support your business goals. Workplace interior design is deeper than aesthetics.

Project Management

Transforming design concepts into reality with integrated construction management.Even the simplest of designs need a solid construction management process in place to bring them to life.


We ensure the ultimate results for our clients are correctly executed and delivered on time. By working directly with each trade and supplier to control the cost, quality and timeliness of all orders, deliveries and installations.

Interior Design

Our interior designers do more than developing beautiful office interiors. They are experts in business planning and masterminds of innovation. They integrate and coordinate information, engineer and build new services and technologies.

We guarantee that the best outcomes for our customers are delivered correctly and on time. Through direct contact with each supplier and trade to ensure the price, quality timeframes, and quality of deliveries, orders as well as installations. We take into the preferences of our clients and local conditions in the construction industry to determine the most efficient delivery strategy for each project.

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How it Works

We get things rolling by setting up a meeting with our Customer Experience Specialist (CES). You can opt for an online video consultation or a face-to-face meeting. If you do choose to meet in person, please note that it will be contingent on the on-ground situation and in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 directives. At this stage, the CES gets a thorough understanding of your interior design needs, tastes and preferences. He also explains our process in detail, from conceptualising and designing to executing the Office design.

In the 2nd meeting, our expert interior designer will show you possible designs based on your requirements, preferences and latest trends. Once we have your preferences identified, we move on to 3D visualisation using our state-of-the-art 3D visualiser. The 3D visualiser will help you accurately understand the home design and make changes to it before the actual work begins.

At this stage, we will share the 2D design along with the 3D visualiser output with you. We are happy to make changes till we have a design that matches your taste and liking. Once the design is finalized, our CES will share the quotation with you.

Payment milestone 1: The payment at this stage is the site booking charge and is equal to 15% of the quotation value shared.

Once the site is booked, the CES starts work, beginning with the selection of materials, including fabrics, lightings and other décor elements. Our project manager chalks out a comprehensive schedule to ensure that the work is completed on time and to your specifications. At this stage, the CES also shares the relevant documents for final approval — all 2D working drawings, finalized 3D designs, the quotation, the timeline, work schedule and material list. Before we start with material procurement and site construction, your second payment milestone is due.

This is where you relax, and we do all the heavy lifting. The CES ensures the professional execution of your project. We keep you informed with regular updates about the progress being made. The third payment milestone is due at this stage before the final installation and completion of work on-site.

Payment Milestone 3: Balance amount due.

Once completed, the CES takes you on a walk-through of your house, explaining the details of the interior design. He hands over all the necessary documents to you at this stage. He also updates you on the measures to take care of the space and leaves you with the assurance of any timely support you might need in the future. And with that, you get to enjoy and experience your newly designed Workplace!

Design Inspiration

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The decor of your workplace has a lot to do with your business and its expansion. It can inspire your employees, increases productivity, entices colleagues to join your business, impresses customers and so on. Therefore, the interiors and atmosphere of your office to be flexible, functional, and beautiful is a must. For this to happen you need a collection of design tricks is necessary!

Best Office Interior Designers In Kolkata

Offices are the pulsing and lively space where the generation Y spend their most time in the present. In terms of designing the interior of an office, it must reflect the tastes and requirements of its inhabitants including clients, employees or business partners. Although the options to make your office space into an elegant space are endless, the amount of clutter that it creates when implementing the same is massive. This daunting job of creating attractive and functional office space is done with ease by expert office interior designers from Kolkata.


Near Me Interiors is the most reputable Office Interior Designer in Kolkata. We provide our clients with Office Interior Design, Residential Interior Design Services, Club House Design, Retail Interiors, Hospitality Design, and various other services. We assist our clients to design the interiors of their offices with affordable costs.

Near Me Interiors helps in the design of office interiors from beginning to finish. We finish the design in the stipulated timeframe and in line with the clients’ requirements. Near Me Interiors helps clients to enhance the efficiency of their workplace. Additionally, we design an environment that is more appealing and healthier.

Office Interior Design has various advantages, such as it can increase functionality, and assists you with color and space allotment, among others. DS Infra is one of the top Office Interior Designer In Kolkata and offers the service at very affordable costs for all.


When designing your office space, color choice is vital to the inside of it. Since colors create an impression in the minds of employees. Therefore, our design team can make your office look great with the ideal color scheme. Additionally, space is important to the design. Our designers can help you create your office space that will fit to your office’s requirements.


When a designer plans offices, he is always focused on ventilation and lighting. Since proper lighting and ventilation can make an office extremely comfortable.


Furniture for the office is another crucial aspect of the office. Furniture for offices should be fashionable and comfortable. Our designers can help you select the ideal equipment for you office. It will increase productivity in your workplace.

WHY CHOOSE Near Me Interiors

  • We design your office according to your requirements. Because we have expertise in this area. We complete various interior designing projects.
  • Additionally, Near Me Interiors has an experienced team of architects and designers who can create your office space within a short period of time and at a premium quality.
  • There is no need to fret about the design timeline of the home you’ve always wanted. Since we finish the work within the timeframe you specify. We complete all our projects on time.
  • Additionally, we provide our clients with top-quality work within a quick time frame. We offer attractive and eye-catching designs to our customers. We are confident that they will count on our services.
  • In addition, we provide premium design and quality in a short time frame, but at affordable costs. Near me Interiors offers one of the Best Office Interior Designer In Kolkata and offers the service at a reasonable cost. This means that anyone could design their home using our help.
  • We also offer custom design services that will help you make your office look as per your requirements.