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Just as a building is incomplete without a sturdy roof, home interiors are incomplete without a good ceiling. The ceiling or the fifth wall is steadily gaining momentum in a world of interior design that almost always favored the four walls and the floor. Although false ceiling designs have been around for years, they’re coming back with a bang in terms of patterns, finishes, technology, and illusions. With Near Me Interior Design Services, re-imagine your home as a huge canvas.

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How it Works

You can fill the form online and provide all the necessary details, following which, you will receive a call from our customer care executive to schedule an appointment for our Near Me Interior Service.

Our Near Me Interiors Service Associate will visit the site for evaluation. The associate will take site measurement, and provide a quotation.

Near Me Interiors Service offers a curated selection of our favourite safe Interior Design Service  for you to choose from. Post finalizing the Design, we then prepare the site starting by laying plastic over the floors and furniture in the required space.

Our Expert are trained to ensure application procedures of Ceiling  are followed strictly at the site. Disinfection of the site is also carried out before the final handover.

Our team will be using tools to ensure quick Tools and superior finish. Tools such as laser distance meter are used for site measurement.

Once the site is ready, we will do a post-painting clean-up which is a part of our home disinfection service, so that it smells just as good as it looks. Our customer care executive will give you a walkthrough and also explain how to take care of your walls.

Design Inspiration

Interior Designers in Kolkata

A beautiful home always draws attention and helping out homeowners in this experiment are interior designers. Our trained people will either change what is now there or come up with a totally new design for your home interior design. Interior Designers in Kolkata are mostly interested in some interior design companies like Near Me Interiors and we are functioning as individualistic service providers. Decorating up a wide range of residences, institutions, etc. Creating a modern ambiance, these interior designers allot with a variety of forms, colours, and textures during their everyday program. From the foundation of floors, draperies, wall coverings to counselling on the right furniture, the job ambit of a designer is vast. If you are looking for an innovative look for your space, an interior decoration firm can be your friend in need. Scroll up the page to find access to the best interior designers in Kolkata of interior designing firms functioning in this selective area.


Hiring interior designers in Kolkata can assist to transform properties.


Hiring an interior designer is considered a richness by a lot of people. But with switching times, many have understood that hiring a professional who can plan a dream home is more important than ever. Not only home, but certified interior designers in Kolkata are also able to design any space- be it home, office, restaurant, salon, or just any other kind of residential or commercial project. They work with their clients, surmise their tastes, and design the spaces as per their choices and budget. There is no disputing that engaging a professional interior design company will add extraordinary cost to any interior design project but the possible resources are priceless.


What are the benefits of seeking interior design services?

Hiring one of the top interior designers to operate in an interior designing space is considered to be an intelligent choice. They have spent significant years improving their craft. As such, they have the most relevant knowledge about every time detail that requires to be paid attention to when planning a space. Right from the arrangement of light to the furniture, they know it all. They fully guess what to be added to bring out that wow factor in a space. Mentioned below are some of the top understandings of why people should consider hiring popular interior design firms.


Serve as per the client’s budget


It often occurs that people buy a marvellous piece of furniture only to later find that it’s too big to fit in the room. But on choosing one of the interior designers, this problem can be prevented. The professional will usually have a certain idea in their mind on where to source the best furniture from and also at a reasonable price which complements the interior décor style. This spares the client from dealing with the vendors directly.

Better resources and contacts


Qualified interior designers in Kolkata has, will constantly ensure that the variety of work fulfilled is as per the expectations of their clients. They have wonderful contacts owing to their quality of service. The clients will never have to face any issue getting a reliable worker, carpenter, or plumber. The interior designer will also be answerable for organizing the schedules of these service providers.


Save time


Planning any interior involves a lot of analysis work. There is a tremendous amount of homework to be done on the house and the design of the space. Expert interior designers will take care of everything thus delivering the time of their clients. The client may require doing a very small amount of analysis to only understand what the creator has in mind and if that aligns with their plan ideas.


Smart and unique ideas


A responsible interior design company will have lots of tricks and unique ideas for the trade-up of their cover. They can offer stylish touches and fashionable ideas that would only help to imagine out-of-the-world and grand interior designs. They can offer some bespoke fittings ideas that will look amazing whilst being amazingly functional.


Professional insight


By choosing trained interior designers, people are not only hiring the person but they are also hiring their experience, training, and profound wisdom about the industry. They can professionally advise their clients as well as additional expertise to their vision. The ample knowledge they have about designing different interior spaces makes them a very reliable and acknowledged connection. Becoming an interior designer by the side is all about raising the stress of the arms and passing it over to capable instructions.


Latest trends


Excellent interior designers in the business ensure to keep themselves open to all the latest advancements, suppliers, and products in the trade. They keep their pointers on every new design, technique, and knowledge. They infuse the newest design trends in their designs so that the outcome is something incredible.


Increase a property’s value


Managing with Kolkata interior designers will also ensure that the clients can experience high returns on their expenses. Not only will they have a practical and very comfortable living space but it will also make the business easier to sell. Their engagement can add a great appeal to a property and help the property owner to get more money from its sale.




Trusted interior designers won’t go on their way and plan what they think will look immeasurable. They will take a summary from their client and make sure to hold them posted about any design update. Expert interior design firms believe that it is a collaborative manner.


By hiring a skilled team, people can get all the help they need in structuring their vision. Reliable interior designers can develop it down into easy and simple tasks.

How much do interior designers charge?


The fees that they will charge will vary from one design to another depending on the total area which needs to be designed. The interior designer’s charges may roughly range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100 per square feet. For other services like flooring, carpentry, etc. the cost may range from Rs. 2,500 to more than Rs. 4,000.


How can Near Me Interiors will help you find the best interior designers nearby?

By choosing an interior designer, you gain access to their expertise and expertise. You can get the best room scheme right from the beginning. They can make a design come to life. They do everything from space planning and furniture layout, fabric choice to and a lot more. These professionals are skilled at all phases of an interior designing project. If you need to hire one, you can find the ‘best interior designer near me’ on Google along with the following details:


  • Phone number of top interior designers from your locality


  • Their address and exact location


  • Google Reviews that top interior designers have received from their previous clients


  • Business hours of interior designers


  • Years of experience they hold


  • Interior design services offered by them


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I choose an interior design style?

It is suggested that you discuss your taste, likes, and hates with the interior designer during the first consultation. This will help the professional get an idea about what you are looking for. Interior designers in Kolkata generally provide design catalogs to their clients to make it easier to choose a design.


  1. What interior design services can I expect from interior designers in Kolkata?

Among the many services that an interior designer offers are color selection, furniture selection, lighting designs, flooring selection, product and cost comparisons, floor planning, wall and window treatments, product research, and renovation.


  1. Can I avail of interior design services for a small living space?

Conditional interior designers nearby have profound knowledge about how to use colors, furnishing, and associates to make a space look spacious and beautiful.


  1. What type of spaces do interior designers design?

Interior designers design small as well as big apartments, offices, restaurants, old and new constructions, etc. A lot of them are also known to provide design services for mansions, salons, corporate buildings, and so on. They are trained to work on virtually every size and type of interior plan.


  1. Can I see samples of their work?

Most interior designers archive their earlier projects so that their clients can refer to them and assume the quality of work they can expect.