7 cocktail bars in Kolkata with visually impressive interiors

7 cocktail bars in Kolkata with visually impressive interiors

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Kolkata is home to some of the most amazing cocktail bars, each offering unique interiors that are sure to impress. From creative lighting to luxurious decor, these bars have something for everyone looking for a great night out in the city. Let’s take a look at 7 of the most visually appealing cocktail bars in Kolkata.

The Park Bar:

Located at The Park hotel, this bar has an inviting, modern atmosphere that draws you in from the moment you walk through the door. The interior is adorned with eclectic furniture and stylish design elements, making it perfect for couples who want to enjoy a romantic evening or friends who want to relax and unwind after a long day.

The Junction, Taj Bengal

A bar with a railway theme, and an old-school vibe, The Junction is our favorite spot for a peaceful night to end the night at The City of Joy. It’s been around for over three decades; the bar is decorated with pictures that depict The Kolkata Darjeeling Express and Old Indian Railways. A relic of a pub from the British era, the bar takes you back to the past. 

Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar is situated on the exclusive Camac Street, Monkey Bar, Kolkata is spread across 2,750 square feet. The space is filled with the historical context of colonial Calcutta. The cozy bar is situated on the ninth floor and has stunning views of famous landmarks, including St. Paul’s Cathedral, Victoria Memorial, and the Vidyasagar Setu. The gastro bar has different areas which are interspersed. It has an open atrium with a 24-foot-high ceiling highlighted by arched windows, various seating arrangements, a high bar, and an outside terrace. 

The Bar, The Oberoi Grand

The Bar in The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata, is almost like an extravagant bar in their home. The bar’s vertical surfaces are covered with a modern wainscot panel design all over the hotel. Brass bar counters and hardwood flooring that is hand-crafted with brass accents provide an extravagant accent to the room. 

Chapter 2

Chapter 2’s outpost, which has just opened, is a great place to enjoy delicious European dishes and cocktails in a cozy space. The bar’s interiors are filled with items from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The retro-themed live shows are already very popular. 


In the middle of Kolkata and situated in the upper 12th level of Magma House, the rooftop bar spans 8000 square feet. The most notable feature of LMNO_Q is its stunning outdoor space that offers stunning views of Kolkata’s skyline. This trendy bar has an art installation of hundreds of birds that symbolize a continuous flow of bliss. The bar’s goal is to provide peace in the City of Joy. 

31/32, The Westin

The bar is located on the 31st floor 31/32 is the tallest bar that is in Kolkata. It is spread across two floors. The bar is divided into a lounge, a great outdoor dining area, and a private seating area. Take a seat in their outdoor section to enjoy the full experience. The bar is a feast for the senses, with delicious Mediterranean food and distinctive cocktails. 

Wykiki, Taj City Centre New Town

This elegant bar and restaurant have glass cabanas overlooking lakes of lilies and an open-air lounge. Ideal for a date night or a night out with your friends, Wykiki’s skilled mixologists make the best cocktails. Customers can select from a selection of contemporary pan-Asian tapas and signature cocktails in the bar. 

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