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We are Verified & Top Interior Designers & Decorators in Kolkata.

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Since 2015, we have focused on commercial design that transforms the way people work.

Our team of interior designers, architects, engineers, Retail strategists, sustainability specialists, construction professionals, connecting diverse backgrounds and skills to provide integrated workplace design and delivery solutions.

As a Top Interior Designer company, our innovative projects enhance how people interact with their work environment to achieve business, people, space, and brand objectives. Contact Us

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Affordable top commercial interior designing professional designers for your commercial renovation, modification complete decorating services provider Kolkata Interior now in kolkata one stop commercial office, showroom, hotel, restaurant interior design solutions.

We provide you top interior designing and complete decoration services based on the size of your commercial in Kolkata, at an affordable cost. Contact our designers to get the interior design and decoration cost of your commercial, will collaborate with you and make your commercial interior decoration.


DS INFRA is the best interior designer in Kolkata. We offer various types of interior design services like Residential Interior Design, Office Interior Design, Kitchen Interior Design, Retail Interior Design, Clubhouse Interior Design, and many other services.

If you are searching for the best interior design company in Kolkata, then you are in the right place. Because we offer premium quality interior design services at very low prices. Also, we support our customers from beginning to end. That’s why our customers trust us. Besides, we design the space based on our clients’ needs.

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Best creative commercial interior design can create visually interesting spaces that follow a specific theme or bring a new level of interest to an otherwise unnoticed space. A good commercial design will bring notice of the visitors to the space which can significantly impact a lot in any industry whether it be a small retail shop design or a big restaurant interior design or a corporate office. This can add value to a company or brand, or simply improve the space and interest for those who spend time there.


When it comes to this, we have the best interior designer in Kolkata for your office. Having worked on more numerous projects, our team of interior designers for office create a workplace that helps you stay highly productive and does not cost you a fortune. Any modern office interior designer in Kolkata in our team focuses on the key elements wherein your workstations, cabins, conference rooms and waiting areas are in sync with a design language we customise for your space. Lighting is planned to ensure the most optimum level of light at all places. Our office interior decorators have worked with the biggest of corporates ensuring high experience at commercial projects.

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Commercial spaces are the places that are zoned for business activities and often the destinations for fulfilling people’s necessities. This includes shopping centres, malls, hotels and lounges, retail stores, restaurants and bars, banks, hospitals, hotels, movie theatres, cafĂ© and coffee shops, spas and salons, and everything in between. A good and well-designed commercial interior can captivate the customer’s attention and persuade them to enter the space, adding value to the business and bringing financial gain. The professionals in our team have been in the industry for more than 25 years. We ensure that every aspect of your project gets completed on agreed time and budget.

Spectrum Interiors

We provide you with the finest interior design and decoration staff who can understand your requirement fully and can cater to your needs. Spectrum Interiors ensure that you get what you deserve at pocket-friendly prices and can fulfill your dream of having an aesthetically friendly house or office. Being one of the best interior designers in Kolkata, we would love you to have the luxury to choose from a significant number of available design options as well. Spectrum Interiors has been awarded the best interior designer in Kolkata for their flawless service for home or commercial interior design.

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