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We are Verified & Top Interior Designers & Decorators in Kolkata.

Do you have a restaurant business plan? Are you looking to open a new restaurant/bar or improve an existing one? Before you list your star dish or chef, make room for an idea for “the interior design.”

Near Me Interiors

Following up passion in every detail, Near Me Interiors takes ahead the vision of the authorities of the hospitality industry brands. Planning around the core theme, our team operates fine craftsmanship to come up with original elements. From particular materiality to impeccable sourcing we work towards creating a healthful culinary experience. Contact Us

Kolkata Interior

Our designer team allows us to create beautiful design ideas according to the budget and demand for Kolkata & West Bengal customers. Create great interior design and complete decoration service for a residential and commercial project at a low cost Kolkata.

Zad Interiors :-

Designing the interiors of your restaurant is not a walk in the park. It involves considering various things like the easy movement of the restaurant staff, connectivity between the frontend and backend, design of the kitchen, ventilation and air conditioning, optimum utilization of the space. The professionals in our team have been in the industry for more than 25 years. We ensure that every aspect of your project gets completed on agreed time and budget.


We have the perfect interior designers for restaurants who’ve worked on the most renowned projects in and around the city. Amongst restaurant interior designers in Kolkata. BlueMasons has been involved in the decoration and execution keeping in mind the theme, cuisine, location and target audience. We design the main zone along with the kitchen and other services giving you a complete design solution.

Best Luxury Interiors

Cafes, restaurants and bars could almost be considered the driving force behind our Company. Bengalis love to eat, drink and be merry, but they are not going to “go anywhere”! We make buffets, dining areas, cafes, high-end restaurants and Bars. Whether your vision is a casual and trendy, or luxurious and grandiose atmosphere, our designs are synonymous with Agitation. We know how to use lighting, landscaping, furniture, acoustics and how space is optimized to create a striking ambience that will inspire customers to come back.

Spectrum Interiors

Spectrum Interiors has been awarded the best interior designer in Kolkata for their flawless service for home or commercial interior design. They have been in this business for years and have an expert level staff to cater to your interior needs. They have been recognised as the best interior design company when it comes to home and commercial interior design in Kolkata.

Verna Interior

We, Verna Interior widely known as one-stop interior design solutions for all your home and commercial space decor needs. Our journey began way back in 1992 and we have started our good work in Kolkata since 2012 and our team of experts have been working hard to make innovative creations here in Kolkata too. We have an expert Interior Design team who can make brilliant Restaurant/Bar Interior Designer in Kolkata by bringing in innovative and out of box concepts of design.

subhAAkritee For over 17 years, subhAAkritee has worked to ensure the best quality service and most innovative design executions in India. Based out of 5 locations that include Kolkata, Delhi, Dhanbad, Siliguri and Gurgaon, the company has focused on a customer first policy since its inception. We have always taken pride in our work and clients have always spoken highly of our very young a vibrant team of designers and architects. 

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