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The idea of having your homemade by a professional Interior designer can be something that we’re looking at because it’s a trend and seems like an ideal choice. But, we’re also afflicted by doubt about one aspect, which is how much an interior designer costs in Kolkata? In the end, it can affect the price of interior design to a large extent.

With DIY tutorials and five-minute crafts all over the place online, most people believe that the cost of interior design is straightforward to calculate. We researched for you to help ease any concerns you might have regarding the interior design cost in Kolkata. Additionally, it will help to prepare your negotiations with designers.

Scope of Work

Designing and designing furnishings and décor, as well as carpentry work in the kitchen, and wardrobes as well as the installation

Some interior design firms pick on only designing; others assist you in choosing the furniture and decor. If you are looking for a stress-free experience, look for a designer who will manage the entire project, from purchasing furniture and decor and carpentry work in the kitchen and wardrobes to installation. If you require any work in the civil sector, take a look at the full scope. False ceilings, flooring, as well as painting, are also regarded to be separate tasks. The cost of interior design is different for each of the above tasks and services.

How do Designer Charges are Calculated?

If you believe that designers typically pay the lump sum price to design their work, that’s not the case in all cases. The price list for interior design can be calculated in a variety of ways.

  • For sqft  – Based on the size of the house, the designer will charge about Rs10 per sqft, and it can be up to Rs100 in the case of the design only. But, if you include furniture, carpentry, i.e., modular kitchens, wardrobes, flooring, and ceiling, prices can go upwards to Rs2,000-3,000. It is best to inquire with the designer to determine what they offer since some only offer woodwork, while others exclude soft furnishings such as blinds, curtains, and more.
  • Percentage of Cost of the Total: A designer estimates the project’s total cost, which includes services and goods. Based on the construction cost, they’ll charge between the range of 6% to 15% for a design fee. It can go up to 20% depending on the degree of the design and expertise required.
  • Markup on products – In layman’s terms, this means that the designer will charge you a price for every item you purchase. For example, if the cost of your sofa is about Rs20,000, the designer could make it appear as Rs22,000 when charging the project. The price is different from project to project.
  • A Lump Sum – It is solely determined by the designer’s discretion regarding the amount they wish to charge for their project. It could be based on commission, a percentage per sqft, or a mixture of two categories. In most cases, designers refer to this as the cost of design, but there isn’t any transparency about how it is calculated.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

Supervising sites is an essential step to ensure that the process is done in the correct method.

Designing interiors is a lengthy process that requires multiple visits and repeated iterations. However, not all companies provide you with a wide range of options. Here are some interior design costs that you could have to consider.

Site Visit Costs  – Although the initial 3-4 visits could comprise the amount they charge, any visit more than that could cost at least Rs1,500 for each visit.

Iteration Charges – If you aren’t satisfied with a design or modifications are required, the designer may charge you a cost. Usually, they are shared between 3 and 4 repetitions without charge. Anything beyond that is charged. Also, make sure you consult your design team before you solicit different designs.

Design-only Cost – If it’s just the style you’d like, The designer may charge an interior design fee in the range of Rs20,000 to 50,000 for furniture layout and ideas. If you want a three-dimensional (3D) view, it can cost Rs75,000-Rs1.5 lakh. Certain designers charge per view of a room, and this could range from Rs4,000 to 6,000 per view. Thus, they look at what size is appropriate for the house and the number of rooms.

Site supervision cost – If you require your designer at the site to supervise carpentry or installation, they’ll charge you an amount for this service. The price is based on the cost of the project.

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