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Indians have become aware of the aesthetic value of their homes. They are looking for the very most beautiful interior design is concerned. Because of this, they are willing to invest money in interior design for their houses. Many well-known interior designers across India provide the most appealing design for their customers’ homes.

Here Are The Top 10 Interior Designer in India:

Sunita Kohli

One of the most highly rated Interior designers from India this year is Sunita Kohli. She founded the furniture design business in 1971. Since the beginning, she has expanded into the restoration of architectural structures, luxury structures, and research-based design. The most famous project she has completed is the renovation of Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Interior designers like these are sought-after by wealthy clientele with in India as well as earning international recognition.

Tanya Gyani

Tanya Gyani is a talented interior designer from Delhi. She has managed several housing projects in foreign areas like UAE, Italy, and Nepal and other related projects related to restaurants and bars. She has been awarded as the top student at Florence Design Academy.

Ambrish Arora

The next among the top interior designers from India this year is Amrish Arora, whose field of expertise is the design of museums. In addition, the designer has completed a variety of commercial, residential and retail design projects since he entered the field in 2002.

Anjum Jung

Anjum Jung is a well-known Interior designer from Bangalore known for his stylish urban designs that cater to both hotels and residential areas. Some of the most delicate designs of the designer are Angasana Oasis Spa and Resort and Oakwood Service Apartments.

Aamir Sharma

Amir Sharma is an acclaimed Indian interior designer based in Hyderabad with notable projects like Testa Rosa Cafe, Lotus Palace Restaurants, and Lotus Palace Restaurants. His designs have a unique appeal and a creative imagination that makes him stand out from others.

Lipika Sud

Another well-known interior designer in India is Lipka Sud, who has developed several residential projects, including corporate offices and hotels. Lipika is based in Delhi and was awarded the honorific title of the top design professional in 2012.

Ajay Shah

Next on the list of top Interior designers from India will be Ajay Shah, a Mumbai located designer specializing in designing for retail. He has worked on many projects, which include industrial designs, as well as architectural structures.

Rajeev Saini and Associates

Rajeev Saini and Associates is an established home decor brand headquartered in Bangalore and is known to design trendy interiors for its customers. It is considered one of the first home decorator brands in India that offer the latest designs and styles through its online portal.

Shabnam Gupta

Shabnam Gupta is among the most renowned interior designers from India in 2015. She owns a design studio dubbed “The Orange Lane” and is a specialist in residential and commercial projects with a strong focus on methods of spatial management to create the most of the smallest.

Prem Nath and Associates

The Mumbai company for interior design, Prem Nath and Associates, is one of the top interior designers in India. The company also offers architectural services for hotels, homes, villas, temples, and hotels. Furthermore, the company is also known to provide services in the field of consulting and project management.

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