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If you are looking for top interior designers in Kolkata, there is no dearth of them. This city boasts of the finest interior designers who can turn your home or office into a haven of beauty and elegance. Most of the famous interior designers have their own design facilities in Kolkata. So, you don’t have to travel anywhere else just to get the best designer interior design services. Here’s what you should know about different types of designers working in Kolkata.

Commercial The commercial designer services are provided by firms and individuals that design commercial spaces such as office complexes, shopping malls, resorts etc. Most of these commercial interior designers are from the PR agency chain. They work on brand image promotion by coming up with themes and furniture accessories for commercial spaces. A majority of these designers would prefer to design offices that are huge in size so that they can cater to a big market. The aim of commercial designer is to provide maximum utility within the allocated budget.

Residential The residential space encompasses both high-end luxury properties and low-end apartments and bungalows. The interior designer for residential spaces focuses on creating unique and timeless charm so that the customers end up getting attached to the property. Most of the residential designer work in the same area or in the vicinity of the actual property. They are also well versed with the local architecture and know how to make your dream residence look like an original creation.

Cafe Interiors The cafe interior designers create new concepts in kitchen design and ambience. They create new themes for homes, offices and restaurants to create a welcoming environment. Most of the time, they use traditional styles to blend with modern style. These are experts on creative concepts that will bring about an instant transformation in the ambiance of the place.

Office Interiors With the onset of corporate offices, it has become important for companies to provide an ambience that is very professional and sophisticated so that clients get attracted towards their products and services. Many corporate buildings and office complexes already have their interior designers that focus on creating a pleasing environment. There are many people who work from home or take small jobs from home. For them, an attractive office interior design is very important. If you need to find one of the top interior designers, you can easily look in the internet. You will be able to find hundreds of designers online and you can compare their prices and services. Choose a designer that you think can transform your home or business into a pleasant and inspiring place. Designers can show you ideas on how you can carry out the changes to create an appealing space

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